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​Our mission is to help healthcare providers, states, local communities and health plans provide quality, efficient and affordable healthcare services.


We work with clients who want genuine change and improvement and who value quality, candor and innovation.

Practice Areas


With more than 50 years of healthcare industry experience between us, we have seen the healthcare industry from nearly every perspective. State. Federal. Payer. Provider. Consumer. Plan.


We help our clients see how issues — and their decisions — affect their services, programs and bottom line.

About the Partners


"Melissa Rowan brings a unique combination of knowledge, experience and clear-thinking to any project she works on. She brings broad policy, analytic and political skills to any issue and, importantly, brings them with a sense of humor and professionalism.”


Gretchen Brown, Senior Director, Medicare Programs, LA Care Health Plan


"Linda Wertz is a highly effective, no nonsense professional. Her insights and knowledge of health care generally, and Medicaid specifically, make her among the most effective consultants in the business today."


Don Gilbert, consultant and lobbyist, former Commissioner of Texas Health and Human
Services Commission


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